Marriage and Family Sciences

Academic programmes in Marriage and Family Sciences are particularly suitable for lay women and men who already have a university-level degree and intend to update their education (economics, law, politics…) with the perspective of the families and their social dynamism.

The International Curriculum offers students the possibility of following certain courses in Campuses of the Institute abroad.


The Doctoral School has the mission of enabling and fostering research as a common endeavour and as a journey undertaken together, in a dynamic of mutual learning and of embracing the different perspectives that enrich academic life. It fosters the specialization and transdisciplinary training of those who want to deal with family  realities at the highest academic, research and teaching level.


At the end of the two years of study, graduates will have acquired:

  • In-depth expertise in the field of social research and empirical study of family institutions, with an emphasis on the political, legal and pedagogical implications that affect the lives of families, their members and the social contexts in which they live.
  • Advanced analytical and practical skills in the management of complex social systems, interdisciplinary study, collaborative research and in building cooperative networks in ecclesial, social and civic settings.

LICENTIATE in Marriage and Family Sciences

DOCTORATE in Theology of Marriage and Family