LICENTIATE in Theology

“The centrality of the family in the paths of “pastoral conversion” of our communities and of “missionary transformation of the Church” demands that — also at the level of academic formation — in reflection on marriage and on the family the pastoral perspective and attention to the wounds of humanity must never be lacking”.

Pope Francis, Summa familiae cura


The Licentiate in Theology of Marriage and Family (STL) is designed to promote theological specialization, pastoral updating and transdisciplinary formation of those who, in the Church, deal with family realities in various ways.

The historical condition of families demands a wisdom that knows how to accompany and discern. For this reason, in the program Licentiate in Theology of Marriage and Family, particular importance is given to the anthropological and moral significance of motherhood and fatherhood, disability and inclusion, economics and politics, cultures and social imagery, practices oriented to care and the search for the common good.


Licentiate in Theology of Marriage and the Family (STL)

  • Duration: 2 academic years (120 ECTS).
  • Admission requirement: Baccalaureate in Theology (STB), at least cum laude.
  • Objectives: to train the student in a thorough knowledge of the subject matter and to educate him/her to scientific work.
  • The order of studies is divided into fundamental disciplines, complementary subjects and seminars.  A final examination and a written dissertation are required.
  • STUDY PLAN 2023-2024 (all courses are taught in Italian)
  • Academic Norms for the Licentiate in Theology


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