International Open Day online

The Pontifical John Paul II Theological Institute for the Sciences of Marriage and the Family, reformed in 2017 by Pope Francis, is an academic centre of reference at the service of the universal Church, in the sciences concerning marriage and the family.

The mission, in continuity with the original inspiration of St. John Paul II, pursues with the aim of producing a theology in dialogue with the other sciences, taking into account the current need for a universal Church that accompanies families, especially wounded ones, enhancing the resources of their cultures renewed by the light of the Gospel.

In particular, the innovative pathway of the International Licence in Marriage and Family Sciences gives the opportunity to follow some courses in the Institute’s sections present in the various continents (United States, India, Benin, Brazil, Spain, Mexico…) and is designed for students, lay or religious in possession of a first cycle university degree in any discipline.

To learn more about our educational offer, and the mission of our students, we invite you to the International Open Day that will take place online on 16 January 2024 at 02:00 PM UTC +1, for orientation meetings, with our Pricipal Prof Philippe Bordeyne, Director of Studies Prof Vincenzo Rosito, and Director of students tutoring Prof Claudia Leal.

Please note that until 30 January we can receive applications for scholarships, following the instructions attached (particularly for Africa, Asia and Latin America).

The Institute also offers the possibility of applying for financial aid in the form of a scholarship, the requirements for which can be found at (section “Enrolling”) or by writing to any information you may write to