Orientation Interviews at JP2

Throughout the summer, from July to September, an orientation service is available at the JP2 Institute.

You can request an interview by submitting the form at the bottom of the page, indicating your areas of interest or the courses/programs you would like to discover. Please, leave also your phone number so we can contact you.

What it is

An orientation interview can help you to:

  • (re)define your motivations and goals
  • discover services that might be useful to you
  • establish contact with faculty
  • consider ways to organize and plan your study
  • Evaluate the possibility of visiting the institution

Target audience

The main targets of the service are

  • people who wish to undertake studies on marriage and family;
  • people who are interested in pastoral and care work with families;
  • people who, in their professional or pastoral work, realize the importance of the family in its various dimensions and seek to study the subject in more depth;
  • social and social-health service workers;
  • local administrators and consultants in the field of social policies;
  • leaders and members of family associations and lay movements;
  • religious congregations with an interest in the field of family ministry, care and social promotion;
  • enrolled students intent on reviewing their education.

How to request an interview

To book an interview, simply fill out the following form, remembering to include a phone number as well as your areas/courses/programs of interest. We will contact you as soon as possible.