Licentiate in Theology- Study Plan I Year 2021-2022


Fundamental Courses

Fundamental Moral Theology and Pastoral Theology Perspectives on Amoris Laetitia P. Bordeyne
Sexual and Conjugal Morality in the Middle Ages P.D. Guenzi
Family Spirituality and the Transmission of Faith A. Diriart
Methodology of Scientific Research G. Marengo
Theological Analysis of Sexual Difference: Historical Development and Systematic Perspectives G. Marengo
Selected Themes of Family Ecclesiology: Sons and Daughters, Brothers and Sisters: Bonds that Give Identity G.C. Pagazzi
Theology of the Sacrament of Marriage N. Reali
Families in the Old Testament D. Scaiola
Fundamental Theology of the Christian Form P. Sequeri



Fundamental Courses

The Pastoral Outlines of Amoris Laetitia and the Tasks of the Theology of Marriage A. Bozzolo
Matrimonial Canon Law O. Grazioli
Marriage and Family as a Verification of the Presence of the Church in the World G. Marengo
Workshop: Forms and Forces: the Arts as a Place of Expressing Family Dynamics G.C. Pagazzi
Marriage in the Light of the New Testament L. Pedroli
The House and the World. Cultural Processes and Practices of Living V. Rosito

Complementary Courses

The Experience of Adoption. Anthropological and Theological Issues M. Chiodi
The Transmission of the Faith and the New Marriage Catechumenate A. Diriart
Marriage and Family, Foundation of the Common Good G. Gambino
Historical Perspectives on the Family A. Giovagnoli
To Promise: a Verb that Decides a Bond P.D. Guenzi
Civic Friendship and Social Justice S. Kampowski
Universal Fraternity and Its Personalistic Foundation J. Merecki
The Concept of Integration in Amoris Laetitia J.J. Pérez-Soba
Living in Changing Times: Christian Life and Overcoming the Crisis G. Salmeri


Ethics of Care and Disability Studies A. Caputo
Conscience and Discernment. On Chapter VIII of Amoris Laetitia M. Chiodi
Parishes and Families Facing the Challenges of the Pandemic Crisis A. Ciucci
Conjugal and Family Spirituality: Reading Chapter IX of Amoris Laetitia A-. Diriart
The Figure of the Minor: Comparative Canonical and Civil Aspects O. Grazioli
Narrative Ethics and Dramaturgy: On the Couple and Love P.D. Guenzi
Jurgen Habermas and the Future of Human Nature S. Kampowski
Policies of Fraternity: Family, Church, Public Space M. Neri
Families, the Home and the City. The Places of Relationships G.C. Pagazzi
The Truth of Love. Moral Issues J.J. Pérez-Soba