Enrolments open for the academic year 2020-2021

Enrolments for the academic year 2020-2021 of the Pontifical John Paul II Theological Institute for the Sciences of Marriage and the Family are open from 1 June.

The Institute relaunches its challenge: that of bringing studies on marriage and the family out of the closed garden that reduces them to one of the many chapters of Catholic doctrine and morality, in order to rediscover their central role in human society and in the experience of faith.

Given the foreseeable restrictions on mobility linked to the current health emergency during the Academic Year 2020-2021, the JP2 Institute, while hopefully favouring teaching in Rome, has all the telematic tools to carry out distance learning and assist students in online training.

The JP2 Institute issues Licentiate and Doctorate canonical degrees for both theological-pastoral and anthropological-cultural focus and allows students to customize their study plan taking into account their own academic curriculum (for example, teaching experience, previously acquired skills and qualifications); thus allowing for a flexibility and optimization of studies, with equal scientific and educational rigor. Diploma courses for more specific pastoral and social subjects in the areas of spiritual accompaniment, pastoral counselling, family mediation and the like will also remain available.

The qualifications required are:

The documents to be presented are:

  1. Online pre-registration
  2. Application form
  3. Identity card or passport
  4. High school diploma valid for admission to university
  5. Letter of presentation: by the parish priest, for the laity; by the Ecclesiastical Superior, for priests and religious.
  6. Two passport-size photographs
  7. Certificate of knowledge of the Italian language (for non-Italian students)**

For more information, you can write an e-mail to: info@istitutogp2.it




** Online Italian Courses at the Pontifical Universities in Rome:

Pontificia Università Lateranense: https://www.pul.it/it/corsi-intensivi-di-italiano/ (e-mail: clas@pul.va)
Pontificia Università Urbaniana: http://www.urbaniana.edu/Urbaniana/pdf/corsi_Intensivi_Estivi_Lingua_Italiana_2020.pdf (e-mail: linguaitaliana@urbaniana.edu)
Pontificia Università Salesiana – ProLingua: https://sites.google.com/prolingua.it/corsi-prolingua/home (e-mail: corsi@prolingua.it)
Pontificia Università Gregoriana: https://www.unigre.it/it/eventi-e-comunicazione/comunicazione/notizie-e-comunicati/corsi-di-italiano-2020-2021/